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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

"If you build it, they will come" - Field of Dreams -1989

I believe in a world where anything is possible. I believe in a world where how far you get and what you have the opportunity to do is not dictated and/or decided based on any personal defining characteristic (race, gender, class, ect.). I believe in a world where we come together and recognize ourselves in each other. Where we accept each other as a part of ourselves. Where we understand that all religious teachers have been speaking the same truth only using different words and ultimately have been guiding us to the same destination.

I believe that at the core we are all pure consciousness. Our natural state of being is pure awareness. Yet, we lose our connection to our true selves when our monkey minds (our egos) take over. And we lose our connection to the source that flows through all of us when we perpetuate the negative thoughts of the ego.

I believe that heaven is simply a state of being that is accessible to all of us at any time, if only we can quiet our minds. And I believe that hell is a result of our ego.

I believe that positive change is coming. And it is my intention to be a part of this positive flow of energy. This positive manifestation of a new world.

It is my intention that this blog will show its true purpose over time and if you have found your way to this page I believe it is because the energy that flows through me is connecting with and attracting the energy that flows through you.

With so much love.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What is it all about?

Don't you think it is time to let it all go?

The choice is yours, to make this what you want to be.

I was guided to this moment, for some reason I felt as though it was/is time for me to speak from my inner being. I have been quiet for some time, who knew this was the reason.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

The universe knew that we would be here at this moment. The Universe is calling us forth. This is time to become aligned with the vibrations of the universe. If we ever want things to change we must be willing to see the world through new eyes. We must be willing to open ourselves up to the idea of expansion.

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