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Code of Conduct


By deciding to post comments on this site, use the Forum/Member Community, and/or be a part of this community, you are agreeing that you will enter this space with an open heart and full of acceptance for those around you.


By using this site you agree that you will not under any circumstances use hate speech and/or speak in a harmful way to Anyone or Anywhere within this site. You also agree that you will adhere to Journey into the Soul's acceptance policy:

If I choose to use this site, I agree that I will offer a warm and welcoming environment to all those that enter this space. I understand that EVERYONE is welcome here, regardless of any physical or culturally defining characteristic.

I agree that while engaging with others on this site, I will not under any circumstances use hate speech and/or speak in a harmful, hurtful, or abusive way to or about anyone or any members. I will treat each and every individual I meet with an open heart, an open mind, compassion, and acceptance. I agree that I will uphold this acceptance policy for the greater good.


In the event that this agreement is violated your account will be automatically terminated.


The author/owner of this site has zero-tolerance for hurtful, hateful, or abusive comments, posts, etc. At any time the author/owner reserves the right to terminate your use of this site if any comments, posts, etc. appear to be even remotely hurtful, hateful, or abusive.

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