Will We Stay the Same, Or Will We Grow?

I did not always know I had a choice but now I do.

Before I understood this, I didn't really think I had a choice because I was not aware of it.

And what we are not aware of does not exist to us.

Now, I understand that in each moment I have a choice.

I can choose to stay as I am, or if necessary I can make a gentle shift to a new way of being.

In some moments, when I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I may momentarily forget that I have a choice.

Though, the more I practice awareness and being a witness to my thoughts, habits, reactions, and manifested reality, the more I learn to remember,

Life is always a choice.

I may not always know what to do but I have the choice to reach out and ask for help.

Sometimes things might feel like a bit much, but I have the choice to step back, take a deep breath, and reassess.

I can choose to follow every thought train in my mind or slow down and be objectively aware of the thoughts I am thinking and how they are influencing what I am feeling.

In each moment I get to decide, will I move forward with the same patterns, behaviors, and thoughts, or is it time to make a shift?

The more aware I become, the more I notice the choice,

The more I choose to shift, the more I choose to grow.

In this moment, what choice are you making?


Oracle Reading

Hello friends, here is a short and sweet oracle reading for contemplation during your beautiful journey through life today and over the next few days.

For this reading, I pulled cards from my Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards By Kyle Gray! This is one of my favorite decks!

In this reading, Spirit is guiding us to embrace the energy of peace both within our hearts and in making peace with the past. We are being asked and encouraged to let go of all the old baggage that is no longer serving us and make space for the planting of new seeds. As we let go of the past, we make room for that which has been planted, to emerge and blossom.

I hope that you enjoy this short reading from my soul to yours.

💖Feel free to leave any comments or reflections about your experience below💖

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Take Time to Simply Be Here

Present Moment Awareness - Guided Meditation

How often do you notice that you are busy in your mind or caught in the stories of past, present circumstances, or future? This guided meditation is intended to guide you as the observer beyond the mind to continuously find the present moment. Throughout this session, you are guided to keep calling your attention and awareness back to this moment, right here, right now. With a gentle focus on the breath and heart, letting everything else dissolve and fade away, you are invited to find a space of stillness and spacious expansion. I hope you enjoy this meditation. Feel free to leave any comments or reflections about your experience below.


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