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Transforming through meditation

Right now, I am going through the wildest transformation of my life. I have been feeling a very human pressure to do something of an introductory telling you who I am and what this is all about, though if you read my posts, over time you will come to know me quite well. I am not a religious person, though I am very spiritual. I have many ways that I could describe my life and what I have been through, though none of that feels at all relevant to who I am now. Up until very recently, I had a habit of defining my life based upon all of my past experiences. For a long time, I considered many of these experiences to be very negative. So much so that when my trauma was triggered, I would find myself blaming others, because it was their actions coupled with stored emotion in my body that meant I could not be happy at any moment. That was just until I started meditating every day. This was not something I really never did before. Unless you count yoga and the meditation that accompanies physical exercise.

Its been almost three months since I started meditating each morning. I started with 15 minutes and now some mornings I spend up to two hours in meditation. In the silence of meditation, I have been able to find my true self. Its a feeling of digging deep down beneath the surface of who I thought I was and finding my true self staring back at me. In my solitude, I have become more present, more aware. My current intention is to be able to keep this presence around anyone who comes into my life. And I know this ability will come from dedication and practice.

Meditation led to other soul searching and a constant desire to know more, to connect more deeply to this authentic nature of our inner beings. I have spent countless hours where instead of watching Netflix, I have been listening to various spiritual teachers and healers speak about our minds, bodies, and the mind-body connection.

I know that this wild transformation I am going through is so profound and so important. But let me tell you it is only ultimately profound and important for me. Though, what I hope is that through reading my blog you may begin to believe that that it is possible for you too.

Our natural state is one of grace. Our true self is one of utmost awareness.

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