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I wholeheartedly welcome you to Journey into the Soul. My name is Khadíjih Mitchell


I am dedicated to helping individuals find balance and harmony through meditation, cosmic guidance, and heart-centered living.

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Meditate with Me

Beyond our Conditioning

I believe there are no accidents and that you have been guided here for a reason. If you listen closely, can you hear something from within you calling for change?


As I have looked out into the world, I have seen and experienced the disruption, chaos, pain, and separation that exists in the hearts and lives of many.


I recognize one core reason for this collective mass suffering as, our individual separation from ourselves, our hearts, and the universe within and around us. 


In many ways, this separation stems from growing up in a world that imposed rigid expectations upon us, dictating how we should appear, behave, and conform in order to be accepted, loved, or understood. Throughout the years, we are molded by the beliefs and worldviews of others, shaping our identities and influencing the way we navigate our lives.


From an early age, we learn to judge and devalue ourselves and others. This conditioning creates a divide that prevents us from feeling deep connection, trusting our intuition, making confident decisions, and genuinely knowing our true selves. Consequently, we seek validation, acceptance, and love from external sources, often to be left feeling empty, disconnected, and unfulfilled, returning to a sense of loneliness and dissatisfaction.

Even though we desire to experience love, harmony, fulfillment, and peace in our lives, our conditioning, trauma, fear, and past experiences cause us to build limiting beliefs and ultimately barriers against love and ourselves. Thus, we numb ourselves to find relief from the pain. Turning our backs on possibility, our vision of an extraordinary future, and the version of ourselves we want to be, and somewhere within us know we truly are.

The nuances that come together to form our concepts of life, ourselves, and others are intricate, delicate, and dependent on our own life experiences. All the messages we get from our external environments greatly influence our internal environment, the thoughts we think, and how we treat our bodies and minds, and thus the bodies and minds of others.


For many, the path toward healing and liberation, if taken at all, is often found when we are much older; the traumas have been buried, and the damage done. It comes after years of suffering and coping with painful memories, fear-based patterns, and desperately trying to anesthetize our pain with things such as food, sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol, etc.



You see for a long time, I was battling the desire to be fully authentic and free in a world where in the eyes of others, I felt I could never quite meet the mark. I received messages from my external environments that I was too much OR not enough and I embodied those beliefs as though they were my own truths.  

After years of living with extreme anxiety and running from childhood trauma, my past, and ultimately myself, I completely lost myself and my voice. I became severely depressed, miserable, bitter, and angry at the world for not seeing me, not hearing me, and not accepting me. A part of me had always known there was more than meet the eye with life and I could not believe that in the vastness of space of the Universe, that this life I had built for myself covered it all its limiting beliefs was all that was meant for me.


Then when I couldn't take my suffering anymore and was on the brink of leaving this physical body behind, I was gifted with a deep dark night of the soul. Though believe me this dark night lasted for much longer than one evening. I spent months trudging through the darkness of my own mind, only to find myself for what felt like the very first time (at least in this lifetime).


Do You Hear the Call?

Through meditation, I found myself meeting myself where I was, getting to know myself conditioning and all, and finding the true self beneath my form.

Taking the journey within to find and experience my own soul was not necessarily easy (if it was, more people would be doing it). I was coming up against the limiting beliefs I held about myself and the world, and witnessing all the habitual thoughts that streamed through me about who I was and who I was supposed to be.


I began recognizing how I had been mismanaging my own energy and consistently giving my power away to other people, places, and things. Determined to change, grow, and heal, I let go of many things that did not serve me, not just beliefs, but also a Ph.D. program, friendships, and a marriage that were no longer in resonance with my path.


Slowly with time, I began to connect with my heart, my inner guide. I began to hear and more deeply accept the guidance I had been being gifted all along. That there was more than meets the eye to life, and I was so much more than my physical body and life I had lived. I began realizing I had more control than I was letting myself believe and the power to heal and live an authentic life of my own design was in my hands all along. I started to see myself and life more clearly, as though a veil had been lifted and an illusion shattered. 




From my own journey, I have come to recognize that healing is non-linear and for me has required dedication, perseverance, and a deep desire to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.


It is true that going on this journey requires courage, dedication, and a willingness to look deep within to uncover what it is that is truly holding us back from loving ourselves and living a life where we are truly happy, truly fulfilled, fully authentic, and ultimately following the path of our Soul. 

So, if you are ready to accept the call from the Universe that brought you here, I invite you to Schedule a Consultation and take advantage of one of the many ways in which I am here to serve you, and of course, feel free to reach out should you have any questions.


Khadíjih is a Meditation Guide and Intuitive Mentor dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their inner selves and find balance through meditation and heart-centered living. Her journey with intentional healing and growth began in her teens and was propelled by her role as a mother to her two children at a young age. With extensive formal training in psychology, physics, mathematics, education, yoga, and energy work, as well as informal studies in mysticism, religion, and spirituality, Khadíjih offers a unique perspective in her interactions with clients.

Khadíjih's continued commitment to personal growth and her diverse lived experience and educational background position her as a precious asset for individuals seeking guidance on their journey toward self-discovery. Through her one-on-one sessions, she provides her clients with tools to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and let go of limiting beliefs and patterns. Khadíjih's genuine passion for helping others shines through in all that she does, and she is committed to supporting her clients as they work towards achieving greater peace, fulfillment, and love in their lives. 

Khadíjih holds a Reiki Master Practitioner (Level I, II, & III) Certification; 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification; Meditation Teacher Certification; an Associate in Psychology; Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics; Master of Education Specialized in Education; Master of Arts in Curriculum Design Specialized in Physics Course Design & Instruction


I'm always open to new and exciting aligned opportunities. Let's connect.

Khadíjih (Kah-Dee-Jay) Mitchell

Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Mentor

Journey into the Soul LLC

Connect in the Connection Field

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