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Intuitive Mentoring

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a [hu]man changes his/her own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him/her. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

- Gandhi

Noarlunga South Australia

A Partnership and Opportunity for Personalized Support

Mentorship is specifically tailored to your unique situation


And intended to provide you with additional tools and guidance


To live a deeply heart-centered life of balance and harmony

This is a journey of introspection and growth where we will travel within to find the core causes (or "blockages") separating you from wholeness and the truth of who you are. 

This is a journey of learning and unlearning

Of diving as deep as you are willing to go, and embracing the you that is calling to be reborn

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Empowered Growth

My Journey with Intentional healing and growth began in my teens and was propelled by the birth of my daughter at 18 and again with my son at 20. 

For a little over a decade and a half, I have been dedicated to being and becoming a better woman, mother, and individual each and every day. 

From my own journey, I understand this is a non-linear process and the right mentors, teachers, and guides arrive to us at the perfect time for our own evolution and growth. 

I also believe that no matter the role we play in reality, all of life is guiding us to be both teachers and students at all times. 

Your Heart Knows

Intuitive Mentoring is Specifically Designed 

 For those that feel the call from deep within that it is time
To rise 

To be the divine light, vessel, and being you were born to be
This offering is for those that feel something within saying


It is time

To Grow

To Evolve

To Let Go and Find Peace with where you are

To Bloom where you have been Planted

And To Embrace who you have truly been all along


At The Core

At the core of my mentorship are the lessons I have learned and relearn. These stem from my journey with life, motherhood, growth, spirituality, and my understanding of what it means to be a soul.

I use various tools and modalities including, meditation, mindfulness, heart connection, essential oils, energy, and yoga.


The way sessions play out and the guidance that is offered are highly dependent on the individual, personal needs, desires, and the space they are in during our meeting. Each session is unique, just as who we are in each moment is unique. 


On a deeper level, I consider much of the guidance I bring through to be intuitive guidance flowing not simply from my own mind, but also from beyond the veil, and across dimensions and time. Each session and the guidance brought through are unique just as you are. 

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30, 60, 90-Minute Coaching Session & Monthly Package: Prices Vary

 Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

And Ask Me about my Sliding Scale and Support Payment Opportunities.

To support your evolution and deeper journey into the truth of who you are. 

If this offering is for you, you will feel something within Calling for more peace, balance, and harmony. Calling to let go and let be. Calling for greater healing and evolution. 


You will feel something in you saying Yes, I Am Ready for more. I Am ready to change. I Am ready to evolve.

This intuitive knowing is evidence of an activation that has already begun deep within you and is waiting for you to accept the call. 


Click the button below to schedule a consultation to discuss how I can be of service to this next stage of your journey. 

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I Am Here


My time with Khadíjih was the most important time in my life (and my husband was very happy too!)


I met Khadíjih at a time when I couldn’t deal with life anymore. All my knowledge was

not enough to handle or deal with the demands brought on by my family, or by my own needs and desires.


I was at rock bottom (I like to refer to it as cellar of earth bottom). I have meditated for 30 years and still had no idea how to get through and provide the quality of life for my boys, my husband, nor myself.


Exhaustion became my constant companion and selfcare a word not even considerable let alone doable.


My life did not go as I wished for myself. I wasn’t the mother I used to be, nor the wife, friend, or sister.


Anger arose day by day getting worse and worse.


I dug so deep. Asked myself rather uncomfortable questions with luckily the most important one 'so what are you going to do about it??'


I surrendered to the knowing only I can change it. Regardless of how much my husband loved me, he couldn’t change me.


That was the moment I made the decision to change, somehow. I refused to continue this way. I did not know how but I knew I would find a way. I was not longer willing to live life in such an unhappy way.


I knew I didn’t want to talk in a therapy session (tried it) so I contacted Khadíjih and asked her if she would be willing to guide me. Thankfully she was.


That was the turning point.


Of course, I had to surrender first. I didn’t want to live life in such a stressful way anymore. It was Not healthy for anyone; me, my boys, my husband, or my environment.


Khadíjih was fabulous! The fact that she has a family of her own helped me open up freely and not feel ashamed about my shortcomings. Her gentle way made it easy for me to let my true and raw emotions just come out without really telling her the ins and outs.


That was the most interesting thing! No need to repeat all the dramas. Her great knowledge was mind-blowing!


The tools Khadíjih provided me with made it possible for me to work through my struggles. Each and every day I chose to remember and use them in difficult situations.


As I chose, I Am in my power. And on the other side of that,


I believe in me once again,

I’ve learned to accept myself again,

See the beauty in me,

Calm myself down,

Say no when needed,

And the most important one, listen to my heart


Now, when I get into a difficult situation, I know what to do before reacting and if I don’t master it for whatever reason, I know to have compassion for myself.


I have learned to understand that when things don’t go as well as they maybe should

or could, to not take it personal (important! as I am a master in making it all about me).


And I have learned to trust in the unknown …..(Gosh, that one has changed my whole life and that of my family.)


My husband and myself are closer than ever. Our children so happy with our new life,

New fantastic schools, and we even just got our dream house!


I will forever be thankful to myself to having been so brutally honest with myself and my willingness to change and be guided.


I am beyond thankful to have met this incredible soul and light worker Khadíjih.


Dear Khadíjih,

we (the whole family) are beyond grateful for you, for your guidance. I am no longer scared of life or what is coming. I truly don’t know how I would have survived these crazy times we are living in now, had I not worked with you… Thank you!

Much love to all and everyone. Let your heart speak & rule, And all will be good,

- Sladi Alexander


What people say about participating in my meditations


Khadíjih’s meditations have been a blessing to me, her soothing voice accompanied by her gift of tuning in with the energy of her audience, make her work specially powerful, strong and beneficial. Her beautiful, elevated energy pours into her meditations in a magnificent way, that to me, makes the whole difference when doing a guided meditation. Her meditations help oneself to be inspired, to be healed, to believe you can make it. - Maria Angelica Vergara


I originally was introduced to Khadíjih’s through the Global Peace Tribe and started listening to her soothing meditation sessions. I receive weekly emails with links to go to and listen to recordings because I am unable to attend the live sessions as it conflicts with my work schedule. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Khadijah’s voice and her message. I feel relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated after each session. She is a wonderful meditation teacher and a great soul to spend time with. I am so grateful for having found her. - Carol J Craig


Every time I give myself the gift of a meditation or wisdom sharing from Khadíjih, I feel my body relax more, even when I thought I was relaxed. I feel my heart open more and allow more joy. Her words always resonate with my deeper knowing and remind me of what is truly important in my life. The way she models her responses to her challenges inspires me to greater self-accountability and trust. She is a true spiritual sage and her offerings are opportunities for your accelerated evolution and your more satisfying life. - Kathryn Brewer

General Disclaimers

Disclosure for Testimonial: Individual’s experience may not represent the typical participant. Your background, education, experience, and work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of their student's experiences. Your results may vary.

Medical Disclaimer: All services offered through Journey into the Soul LLC are intended for informational and educational purposes only, Any guidance or information provided is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.

Essential Oil Disclaimer: Unlike medical drugs, dietary supplements & essential oils are not evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. Dietary Supplements & essential oils are not meant to prevent, treat or cure diseases.

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