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Share your story of how the guidance of Khadíjih with Journey into the Soul has influenced your life and your own soul path. Read through the testimonials and connect with the community of individuals who are all coming together to change the world by changing ourselves. 

Steven Oakden


As like many others I first encountered Khadijih on the Global Coherence Pulse. I soon discovered that her meditations, and later her workshops, were among the most transformative and healing experiences of my life. I tried to find words to illustrate this, but I found that words alone were not enough. My Heart felt message is that try Khadijih's work and listen to your Heart.
I participated in the September Sessions, which were at the forefront of that month being the most Healing time of my life.
I am so looking forward to connecting with Khadijih in the future.

Juliet Duff


Khadijih's meditations transport me in the most beautiful way to experience the Oneness of All that is. Her gentle and sweet voice keeps bringing me back to the breath as I soar beyond. She has a way of setting us up for deep and love-filled experiences that enable us to be instruments to transmit the unconditional Love that we feel & fuel at a cellular level, out to all who could use it. So our blissful meditations also become healing possibilities for others and the earth.
Thank you, Khadijih for your loving and nurturing work.

Maria Angelica Vergara


I found Khadiji through the Global Coherence Pulse Meditations and ever since I have followed her Friday's Meditations my existence has found a completely new way of living. Her dedication, love, care, sensitivity, her capacity of truly putting herself in the "shoes" of the other, her transparency, her totally magic voice and timing during her meditations makes you feel absolutely safe and full of joy. Her meditations just feet perfectly well with me, it is such an intimate feeling of being home, inside your inner most self but "accompanied", It is difficult for me to describe the feeling (sorry English is not my mother tongue), but to me it is the feeling of probably what it would be like to be in the company of an Angel. I could let myself go in any spiritual journey holding hands with her, but at the same time knowing I am free to fly on my own, she has this gift of making you feel secure and safe, but on your own...
To me discovering the power of the Heart, both when giving love energy to myself and when offering to the outside world has totally changed my life, and the way Khadiji helps you do it, it is to me just absolutely magic and powerful. I don't have words enough to thank you her.

Sladi Alexander


Khadijih is the most beautiful and gentle soul. Her meditations are incredibly spiritual and very healing. Her gentle voice and perfect pace makes it so easy to follow her. One can just let go. Finding words is not that easy. Its more the feeling you get once you are in her meditations or presence, Her aura shines, full of love, care, gratitude, no judgment and all can be. Its beautiful. Really is. My husband asked me to explain to him whats happening with me in her meditation, the answer was easy, whatever state I am in, the second I start the meditation my heart gets exited as it feels and knows now it will be coming out and will be heard..... I feel incredibly blessed to have found this beautiful soul. Being able to be led by her in the most loving way....Khadijih is a gift to the universe and all who follow her. I am so grateful, thank you beautiful soul........

Ani Ahavah

Islands Of Coherence Heart-centered Social Network

Khadijih's meditations are always a spiritual oasis. Each one is a refreshing, calming adventure for my heartbodymind. Her gentleness and perfectly paced timing makes following her flow, effortless. I love her meditations because they are cosmic, earthen, human...integral to my way of being. I am always aware of how "consciously present" she is. Nothing she utters is ever "rote" or superfluous. Khadijih's has, and is, a great gift, and I am ever grateful for her.

Khadijih Mitchell-Polka

Journey into the Soul Owner/Founder

Please share your story, testimony, or endorsement. I would love to hear about how any of my offerings and/or guidance have positively impacted your life. So much gratitude to you dear soul for taking the time to share. Thank you so much for being here, and thank you for being part of this community dedicated to living life from a place of love and authenticity. So much love, light, and many blessings to you <3

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