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Meditation as a Pathway to Health

Evidence is the loudest voice. Meditation is such a beneficial practice and can help us heal in more ways than one. Just check out some of the awesome research being done and what has been found; This is just one of the many reasons I am a Meditation Teacher!

Everyone can meditate, any excuse saying otherwise is a limiting belief about what meditation is and our own abilities.

I used to say "I can't meditate, my mind is too busy", what I didn't realize then is, the practice of meditation is one of getting to know the mind, busyness, and all. The quiet comes with the practice and some days are quieter than others.

I used to say "I don't have enough time to meditate", what I didn't realize was, I would gain more time, get more done, and find more peace, comfort, and healing by getting up earlier and making the time to meditate. If you would like support with your own meditation practice, I'm your gal, Click Here to Find out More

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen Proverb

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