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Follow the Whispers in the Wind

I found this piece that I wrote during the summer of 2021. Feels so special to me now.

"As the sun rises and the seasons change, I continue to listen and follow the gentle whispers in the wind.

When the questions seem unanswered and the "How" feels uncertain, I continue tuning to the tug of the Divine asking me to Trust; to have Faith.

As time feels as though it is slipping away from me and as if I am running out of it, I am stopped in my tracks to hear but one word, Surrender.

As tightness wells in my chest and my body feels fear, I hear the wisdom that this is simply resistance to the miracles laying in front of me.

As time continues to move, more and more of who I thought was me, melts away to reveal the organic and simple nature of me that exists beneath my conditioning.

As I let the moments be, not trying to force anything, but simply being with what is, I invite myself into a space of sweet surrender and I know that this is only the beginning of something wonderful."

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Steve Kline
Steve Kline
May 07, 2023

Surrender! Sometimes a hard thing


Such a wonderful message to read as I begin my morning at Bosque del Apache...

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