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Be Love, Be Unity

Hello, Friends I wanted to share something I posted within The Connection Field as a participant in The Game - Peace on Earth by 2030. Feel free to leave your questions and reflections in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it!


Earlier today, I stumbled upon a written intention I had set at the beginning of this year. This discovery prompted me to contemplate how it aligns with my current understanding of Unity. I'll first share the intention and then a few of my reflections.

Jan 2023 This year I am devoted to continuously giving myself over to love, and to even more deeply exploring what it means for me to live from my heart. I know I am not perfect, perfection is no longer what I am searching for. Instead, I am committing myself to continued inner growth; releasing what no longer serves me, allowing myself to forgive with deeper parts of myself, and seeking to understand rather than be understood. I am committing myself to live from my heart with the highest intentions for the good of the whole.

There is a deeper call coming through from within me, around me, and the collective. This is the call for greater unity, more peace, understanding, and ultimately love. As I make this commitment, to honor my human and spirit self, and time and time again come back to love. I recognize that if I/we truly hope to bring the greatest nourishment and change for the good of the whole then it is up to each of us to make the choice and show up for love.


As I reflect on what I wrote then, how I feel now, and how I have lived this year thus far, I can see the many ways in which I have been holding true to this commitment and ways in which I can still dive deeper. This year's journey has provided profound insights into both myself and the concept of unconditional love, which I believe influences my relationship with the way of Unity. As I've embarked on this path of wholeheartedly embracing love, I've encountered several valuable lessons and reflections that I'd like to share with you.

A significant portion of these insights has arisen from shared encounters with others, moments where we've collectively embraced our shared humanity. These realizations have also sprung from my personal journey with self-love and the art of nurturing that love while in the company of others.

At the start of the year, I felt that wholeheartedly giving myself over to love meant serving others at all costs. I have learned (more deeply than ever before) that living in love and continuously giving myself over to love, means BEING LOVE. And in order to BE Love, we must serve ourselves first. We must tend to our inner and outer garden and ensure that our cup is full.

We cannot pour from an empty cup, we cannot give what we do not have, we cannot truly love if we have not learned to love ourselves. We cannot create a Thriving and Unified world if we are not United with ourselves.

At the start of the year, I thought unconditional love meant, when you love someone, you love and accept them for who they are, even if that does not align with who you are - which I still believe. And because you love and accept them for who they are, you stand beside them even if who they are does not fully align with who you are - which I no longer believe. From my inner and outer explorations of love, I understand that nurturing unconditional self-love serves as a foundational requirement for extending the same kind of love to another without reservations.

By fostering genuine self-love, we acquire the capacity to gracefully detach from situations that no longer resonate with our personal growth and well-being. In making the choice to step away from what no longer aligns with our highest good, we are demonstrating unconditional love towards others, recognizing that they too deserve experiences that harmonize more deeply with their authentic selves.

I share this all with you today in response to how I understand Unity because I believe that Unity begins in our individual hearts. If our hearts are not at peace, if we are not living in love, or doing our best to Be Love, then Unity becomes something in the distance always needing to be attained, yet never reached. It becomes something reserved for only those around us who behave the way we want them to.

When our hearts are at peace, we live in love with ourselves, and do our best to Be Love, We recognize it takes each of us to create a Unified whole and the only person we truly have the power to change is ourselves. Unity then becomes how we live our lives, it becomes who are are and is no longer something to be attained.

Lastly for now, through my journey thus far this year, and my reflections on Unity this week, Forgiveness becomes essential for us to live in Unity. We cannot sweep the past under the rug, but we can learn to let go and love again.

I am reminded that forgiveness can be an ongoing process, and when we can look to the world as a mirror of our energetic reflection it can be easier to find forgiveness in our hearts.

When we are centered in Love, we see the world as One, eternally connected under the same sun. We embrace Unity, by being United within ourselves, by Being Unity, by Being Love. Unity is allowed and authentically cultivated through boundless unconditional love, which begins with each one of us.


May you remember the love and light that you are 💖

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