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The Subtle Flow

Allow for the Pause

I AM an energetic being, vibrating and emitting a frequency in all moments.

I may not always be aware of this or in positive alignment, but that's okay because it's all part of being human.

The more I pause and AM present in my body with my breath, the more I notice the subtle energies of my being.

As I notice these gentle sensations of my body, heart, thought, and intention the more aware I can become that I AM a living, moving, breathing vibration of particles that make up my entire essence.

My body is a magical vessel; My thoughts and intention create a powerful force, my heart a mighty engine, and my emotions are dynamic amplifiers.

As I allow myself to be present with the whole of my being, and the energetic essence of all that I AM, the more I AM able to feel this and make small shifts to the vibration I want to be in.


May your Day Be Filled with Moments to Pause, Breathe, and Feel into the Energetic Vibration of your Being.

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