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Mindful Momma is Now Available

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. – Najwa Zebian

It's time to celebrate!!! Because Mindful Momma: 4 Practices to Find Balance, Achieve Harmony, and Live from the Heart is now available!!!

Even if you are not a momma, maybe you know a few mothers who could benefit from this offering, if so, please do share it around!

This course is intentionally designed to help overwhelmed moms learn how to integrate meditation, mindfulness, & essential oils into their life as a way to find balance, achieve harmony, and live from the heart. This 4 module course is specifically designed for those who are dedicated to being a better mother today than they were yesterday AND are ready and willing to embrace the mother, woman, and individual they truly want to be.

If you would be willing to spread awareness of this offering, please email me at and I will send along the marketing materials.

Peace & Blessings 💖 🙏
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