I wholeheartedly welcome you to Journey into the Soul. My name is Khadíjih Mitchell-Polka (Kah-Dee-Jay), and I am a Meditation Guide, Intuitive Coach, and the Founder of Journey into the Soul LLC. My ambition, intention, and dedication are to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people from all over the globe to uplift consciousness by providing guidance, teachings, tools, and resources to guide individuals on their own inner journeys.

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A Piece of My Journey

In my physical reality, I wear many hats including mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, cyclist, yogi, health enthusiast, lover of nature, student, teacher, guide, coach, and entrepreneur. I spent much of my life in education and formally studied psychology, physics, mathematics, education, and yoga and informally studied mysticism, religion, spirituality, consciousness, coherence, and the Law of Attraction. 


I believe there are no accidents and that you have been guided here to my site for a reason. That reason may currently be unknown to you, but if you are willing to trust the process of life and sit with the wisdom of your heart, the reason for your being here will become clearer with time. 


I have been a teacher in one form or another for many years, from leading science outreach events and assisting in entry-level physics classes while working on my undergraduate degree, to teaching high school mathematics and later undergraduate physics, I was definitely called to walk the path of a teacher. Though after two years into a Ph.D. program in education I was pulled in a new direction and began realizing that I was not meant to teach in the traditional sense. My time studying physics and education had been connecting me with a deeper understanding of life and the Universe. My life experience had been preparing me for the independent journey I was to guide others on.


You see, for so long, I have been looking out into the world and have seen the disruption, chaos, pain, and separation. I believe that one core reason for the collective and mass suffering comes from our individual separation from ourselves and the ability to feel love for ourselves. This separation often stems from growing up in a world that told us that we had to look, act, and behave a certain way in order to be accepted. It comes from years of being conditioned with certain beliefs and worldviews that cause us to become convinced by others about how we are to live our lives and who we are to be. From early childhood, we learn to judge and undervalue ourselves (and others) and are pulled apart from our ability to follow our intuition, trust our decisions, and ultimately to deeply and profoundly love ourselves. This lack of self-love and a true connection with our spirit causes us to look outside of ourselves for the love we are seeking only to continuously return to feelings of being let down, of disconnection, of something missing, and a belief that something or someone outside of ourselves is the only way for us to know love. And even though we desire to experience true love, our traumas, fears, and past pains cause us to build barriers against and turn our backs on love.

Does any of this sound familiar? 


I know this story all too well as I lived it for many years. I lived in a world where I saw life differently and often felt rejected when my views did not aline with others. I lived in a world where I was always battling what I knew in my heart to be true and what society was telling me about the way things are and whom I was supposed to be. I was battling the desire to be fully authentic while simultaneously feeling like I was supposed to want to fit in, though never quite meeting the mark. I felt judged for my anxieties, tattoos, and being a young mom. I felt judged for my appearance and worldview. I was told I was "too much" and simultaneously "not enough". I found myself in toxic and abusive relationships and relying on things outside of myself to soothe my pain. After years of running from my childhood traumas, past, and ultimately from myself I completely lost my voice. I became miserable, bitter, and angry at the world for not seeing me, not hearing me, not accepting me. Even though I had always considered myself spiritual and focused on my own growth, I was in a state of sorrow and depression, feeling as though I just wanted it to end, feeling as though there had to be more to life than all the drama and B.S. Feeling as though all I wanted to do was love the world and all the world wanted to do was hurt me. 


Then one day, as I was moving through a very deep dark night of the soul, and couldn't take my suffering anymore, I vowed to find my way back to happiness and to fully embrace the Me I was born to be. I called on a higher power, my angels, and the Universe and asked for guidance to be led back to the light. I surrendered to the path in front of me and took the often less traveled path within. After trudging through the darkness of my own trauma and sitting in the stillness, I found myself releasing and letting go of past trauma and buried pain and for the first time, I found true acceptance of myself, my beliefs, my truths, and my gifts and began following the path of my soul. From my own healing journey I recognize that healing is a non-linear journey and requires dedication and perseverance to keep walking the path. As I have allowed myself to continue to heal, I find my own self-love becoming deeper and deeper.


Through my journey with healing, I found the calling to help others along their own. I found the calling to share what I learned to bring more love, light, joy, and authenticity into the lives of others.  

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Do You Hear the Call?

From my journey, I have come to understand that many of the pains and sufferings of the world stem from a lack of self-love and thus love for others; this absence of love for ourselves influences our self-perception, our psychophysiological state, and how much love and compassion we can give and receive. The nuances that come together to form our concepts of self-love are intricate, delicate, and dependent on our own life experiences. As we grow up, seemingly harmless comments from family, friends, educators, employers, etc., and traumatic life events become stored in our bodies and replayed on a loop in our thoughts, negatively impacting our self-perception, and becoming triggered at any moment.


The media also plays a role in our ability to love ourselves; with the glorification of certain bodies, minds, social status, etc., we come to hold certain expectations and beliefs about ourselves and others. Many of us, become overly critical of our decisions, habits, perceived abilities, body shape, size, etc. All the messages we get from our internal and external environments greatly influence the thoughts we think and how we treat our bodies and minds, and the bodies and minds of others. For many, the path toward self-love is often taken when we are much older; the traumas have been buried, and the damage done. It comes after years of suffering and coping with painful memories, fear-based patterns, and desperately trying to find the love we always desired in other things such as food, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. However, when we begin to embrace the love for ourselves, we allow the healing of old wounds, traumas, and experiences to occur. 


I believe that the greatest change occurs when we begin awakening to ourselves. When we decide to fully embrace our uniqueness and take the often less traveled path inward to reconnect and heal our own hearts.


Going on this journey requires courage, dedication, and a willingness to look deep within to uncover what it is that is truly holding us back from loving ourselves and living a life where we are truly happy, truly fulfilled, fully authentic, and ultimately following the path of our Soul. 

So, if you are ready to accept the call from the Universe that brought you here, I invite you to have a look at my offerings and take advantage of one of the many ways in which I am here to serve you, and of course, feel free to reach out should you have any questions.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Khadíjih (Kah-Dee-Jay) Mitchell-Polka


Meditation Guide & Intuitive Coach 

Journey into the Soul LLC Founder