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Just a Shift in Perspective Away

Shifting our perspective is not always an easy move, especially when we are overcome and flooded by emotions, or stuck in the story of why something is happening and what it means. Though, when we can have awareness of our emotions, courage to take a deep breath, and observe a situation for what it is and not what our mind is telling us about it, we can often see things with more clarity.

When we can say “what is this experience trying to teach me?” it gives us the chance to embrace the opportunity for growth. When we look at a situation and ask “how can I bring more love to this situation?” we are gifted with the opportunity to change the moment entirely by bringing a calm, cool, and loving energy to it instead of the energies of our habitual not always productive reactions.

When we being to change the way we look at things and shift our perspectives about the world we live in, the people around us, who we are, each experience and situation we are gifted with, we may just find ourselves in a whole new and beautiful world.

So my dear friend, may you embrace each moment as an opportunity to grow, to heal, and to experience life in the fullness of what it has to offer.

Lots of Love, Until Next Time.

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