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The 1 Field - Pulse the Planet Guided Meditation & Experiment

“The 1 Field” - Join the Next Experiment and Live FREE Event!

CLICK HERE to Register!

Can we awaken the heart of humanity and raise the vibration of the global field environment?

Join us on September 21st The Global Day of Peace and become a part of our mission to bring positive change to the world. Together we are powerful!

In the movie, The 1 Field, we asked "Can Spirit be measured?" In the frequency of expanding our understanding of this topic, we hereby invite you to join us in a series of global experiments dedicated to awakening the heart of humanity and raising the vibration of the global field environment.

This Event is the fourth experiment in a series of experiments Hosted by The 1 Field in partnership with the HeartMath Institute.

Through the study conducted by the HeartMath Institute, we know that when people intentionally radiate heart qualities like love, compassion, and cooperation, it benefits humankind's well-being.

When a large group of people are in heart coherence together, this effect is magnified. REGISTER HERE and become a participant in this experiment and real-time study of the power of our human hearts!

This month's experiment will be hosted by Khadijih Mitchell

Reserve your seat for the experiment and you will get more updates, including registration to participate in the ZOOM session.

The event will be broadcast on September 21, 2023, at:

Pacific - 10:00 AM New York - 01:00 PM London - 06:00 PM Israel - 08:00 PM India - 10:30 PM Join us on Facebook: Join us on YouTube: Be sure to Register for the event as this is an integral part of the experiment:

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