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Are These Cards for You?

I love pulling cards as a way to receive guidance from the unseen realms! This morning I pulled these cards with the intention that the message received would be divinely placed and would be for the greatest good of anyone who found the reading.

Today I pulled from one of my favorite decks' - Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

Are these Cards for you?

Keep on reading for my interpretation.

Eagle - See from a Higher Perspective

The Eagle visits when a shift in perception is needed. Maybe there is something going on in your world that is bothering or triggering you. Maybe you are dwelling on a situation that is no longer serving you. Maybe there are people in your life that are simply getting on your last nerve. Or maybe it is something else altogether. The Eagle reminds us to shift our perception, to see the situation from above, like an outside observer. This card is an invitation to soar above the perceived problems of the world and choose again. Is there another way you can look at the situation? Can you shift your perception to look at the situation from a different light? Ask yourself, What can I learn from this situation? How can this situation help me grow?

If you are struggling to surrender and shift your perception, you can call on help from the Universe and spirit guides by stating "I am willing to surrender to this moment and shift my perception in a way that will serve all those involved. Universe (Spirit Guide - or whoever you want to call on) please help me to see this situation clearly, to fill my heart with love so that I can move on from it and live my life filled with joy."

Magick Guardian - Unlock the Magick Within

You have magick deep within you. When you surrender to the flow of the Universe and tune in to your inner essence, you can tap into this magick and experience the infinite potential of the Now of each moment. When you tap into your own creative power, the possibilities are endless. Are you asking the Universe for guidance or help? Maybe you are looking for healing, clarity, to feel at ease, financial prosperity, Abundance, or something else. All of this and infinitely more is possible. You are a creator. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are seen. All that is being asked of you now is to go within, surrender to your soul, and you will be guided with what to do.

Shaman - Trust in Higher Forces

The Shaman is our connection to the spirit world, our bridge to the non-physical. The Shaman reminds us to trust in the unseen forces that work from beyond the veil. Are you currently letting aspects of your life situation overpower you? Have you been calling on the Universe for assistance? This card represents an answer to that call but you must tune in and trust that the help is being provided. The Universe is always conspiring in our favor and we are always protected, but we must let go and trust in order to receive the guidance that is being offered. If you are having a hard time trusting you can call on help to surrender into trust by stating "Universe, please help me to surrender to this moment so I can trust in the guidance that is being given to me." There are signs occurring all the time all around you, all you need do is shift your perception and believe in order to receive.

I hope that you enjoyed this mini reading. If it resonated with you, go ahead and leave a comment below.

Also, check out my latest YouTube video on Stepping back from the Busyness of life - Though it could equally be called, Stepping back to the Business of life ;).

So much love to you my friend. Until we meet again.

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Yes, this makes sense! We can talk about this during our next phone call if you want!


The Eagle resonated...I had another dream with 'T' in it and again I was telling another person that I could not work with her or drive her in my car. It's the same message...but wondering why it happened again....

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