Hello friend, I wholeheartedly welcome you to Journey into the Soul. My name is Khadíjih Mitchell-Polka, pronounced Kah-Dee-Jay, or more traditionally Ha-Dee-Jah where the K is silent and makes something of a ha sound in the back of your throat. I am the Founder and Owner of Journey into the Soul LLC, currently, a one-woman operation with the ambition, intention, and dedication to reach millions of people from all over the globe and to be a positive influence and source of light and love for all those that I come into contact with. It is my desire to change hearts and uplift consciousness by providing guidance, teachings, tools, and resources to guide individuals on their own journey.


In my physical reality, my life situation, I wear many hats and play many roles including mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, student, guide, teacher, and entrepreneur. I spent much of my life in education and have formally studied in the areas of psychology, physics, mathematics, education, and now yoga. I have also spent many years embracing and informally studying mysticism, religion, spirituality, and various not yet widely accepted laws of the Universe including consciousness, coherence, and what many call the Law of Attraction. Though who I am is much more simple than a set of degrees, credentials, or life experiences. I Am, just as you are, energy expressing myself in a human form, part of the interconnected unified field of infinite potential, where I choose to fully embrace the belief that we can all live the life of our wildest dreams and make positive change if we are willing to be self-reflective, look deep within, embrace our shadow, embrace our natural higher vibration, choose love over fear, and decide it to be so.

I have always been a dreamer, but somewhere along the way, I, just as many do, fell into bitterness, and let myself believe that the world had hardened me. I shut myself off to the magnificence of the Universe and closed my eyes to the truths that lay just beneath the surface of what we call reality. So, in this lifetime, my understanding of being on my soul journey began in 2009 when I was nowhere near ready for the call from the Universe and quickly fell back into the dream. In 2012, I was once again prompted by my soul to follow a particular path and I have been on a journey of self-exploration and discovery ever since. Of course, there were months, even a couple of years between where I fell away from my spiritual practice and the natural guidance of the Universe. I am grateful that I have been able to hear the call to return. I am grateful that I have embraced the space of surrender, trust, and knowing that the Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine, or whatever name you prefer, has always had my back and is always looking out for my greatest interest, simply providing for me whatever I am putting out with my vibration. 

I believe we all came to the earth with a divine purpose to fulfill and it is my absolute passion and mission to help individuals embark on, stay firm in, and connect with their own Soul Journey. Ultimately, we are on this journey from the moment we are born until the moment we pass beyond this earthly realm, though understanding that we are on the journey, and/or hearing and accepting the call can occur at various times in a person's life. So I like to say that our Soul Journey truly begins when we start to shift our perspective from the outer world to our inner worlds. From what we have been taught to believe, to discovering the truths of who we really are. From one of living in fear to living authentically in love. Ultimately, I consider our Soul Journey to be one of self-discovery, awakening and surrendering into oneness. Guided by our hearts, the light of love, and the Universe to fully and authentically embrace our divine purpose.  


From my journey, I have come to believe that many of the pains and sufferings of the world stem from a lack of self-love and thus love for others; this absence of love for ourselves influences our self-perception, our psychophysiological state, and how much love and compassion we can receive and show to others. The nuances that come together to form our concepts of self-love are intricate, delicate, and dependant on our own life experiences. It is possible that we were not shown love by our families or within the various elements that shaped us. Or maybe we were, but we do not have the tools to turn this love around and show it to ourselves or share it with others. As we grow up, seemingly harmless comments from family, friends, educators, employers, etc., and traumatic life events become stored in our bodies and replayed on a loop in our thoughts, negatively impacting our self-perception, and producing triggers at any moment. The media also plays a role in our journey with love; with the glorification of certain bodies, minds, social status, etc. we come to hold certain expectations of and beliefs about ourselves and others. All the messages we get from our internal and external environments greatly influence the thoughts we think and how we treat our bodies and minds, and the bodies and minds of others. Many of us, become overly critical of our decisions, habits, perceived abilities, body shape, size, etc., allowing these thoughts to trickle over and extend out into how we observe and treat ourselves and others. For many, the road towards self-love and authentically embracing love is taken when we are much older; the traumas have been buried, and the damage done. It comes after years of suffering and coping with painful memories, fear-based patterns, and desperately trying to find the love we always wanted, though never felt in other things such as food, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. However, when we begin to embrace self-love, and the divine feeling of love that oneness has to offer, it becomes easier for us to love and show compassion for others and we begin to heal from old wounds, traumas, and experiences. 

Life has taught me that one of the most important things to remember is that we are all connected and all of our individual soul journeys are just a way to find our way back home, back to love, back to oneness. I believe that if one of us is hurting we are all hurting. In essence, we are all in this together. In my heart I know that a new way of living and looking at the world is possible; One in which we feel connected, inspired, loved, seen, and heard by one another and unafraid to be our authentic selves; One in which we have more compassion, love, and care for one another. Though I also know that in order for this to be possible each of us has to awaken to our own potential and do the deep soul work that is needed to create change; To release the scars upon our hearts from the years of feeling like we were not enough; To heal from the pains of the past and release the fears of the future; To fall in love with ourselves so much that LOVE is what we become.  


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Peace, love, and blessings my friend, 

Until we meet again, I'll see you in the Quantum Field,

Khadíjih (Kah-Dee-Jay) Mitchell-Polka

email: khadijih@journeyintothesoul.com

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