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What Are You Grateful for Today?

Hello friends, family, and community, I hope that you are having an absolutely beautiful day!

I am writing today to wish you a very blessed and happy day! And to thank you for being a part of this community. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!!

Growing up in the United States, Thanksgiving has been an important holiday for my family and continues to be so. Each year we all travel to be with one another, if for nothing else than to enjoy each other's company. This year, we all met at my brother's new home in Texas, and I have been feeling blessed and filled with so much gratitude for my family and the closeness we have worked to keep with one another over the years.

Did you know, sharing what we are grateful for can help us to increase our positive emotions and feelings? Not just on one day, but every day of the year!

So, my dear friend, What are you grateful for today?

Go ahead and share in the comments below!!

You can practice attuning to your heart and the energy of Gratitude by CLICKING HERE and listening to this Grateful Heart Guided meditation, recorded live during the November gratitude Meditation.

And if you have not already, be sure to CLICK HERE and register for my December Gratitude Meditation & Live Session!

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Peace & Blessings 💖 🙏
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