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We Are Almost There

“When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.”

-Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureat

This innovative 3-month virtual retreat is designed to empower you to bring greater coherence into the heart of your daily life and through you, into the world.

Cultivating Coherence in Community

Explores three “essential themes” relevant to living a coherent & generative life in these changing times

Presence, Resonance & Emergence

Virtual Retreat begins May 9th

If you are currently a member of the IOC Network CLICK HERE to learn more

  • Unlock the potential of the heart and stabilize your nervous system with the power of Coherence.

  • Answer the call of your spirit to create a brighter future in response to the times.

  • Discover the wisdom and science that will bring more marvel and wonder alive in your daily life.

  • Connect with others of like mind and heart in a field of shared resonance, purpose, and potential. We will meet on Zoom, in a private social network space, and in our hearts during this 3-month retreat experience.

IOC Retreat Hosts, evolutionary guides and heartists include: Shiloh Boss, Teresa Collins, Kelly Ford, Penny Heiple, Khadijih Mitchell-Polka, Darity Wesley, Aleksey Vays, Jude Currivan, Michael Lindfield, Chloe Goodchild, Julie Krull, Marshall Lefferts, Tammy Scarlet, Gary Malkin, Amber Hartnell, Theo Grace, Rollin McCraty, Justin Michael Williams, Jess Magic, Elijah Parker, Jolie Dawn, Amma Li Grace, Tru Osborne, Kristin Hoffman, Adam Apollo, Ferananda Ibarra, Sheri Herndon, Tayna Lynn and YOU!

If you are looking for somewhere nourishing and inspiring to practice the power of heart-centered coherence in these times of great change, look no further.

It is time to make coherence a priority!

A shift in consciousness - One and for All - is possible, tangible, and is occurring now!

Are you ready to Prepare for it, Fuel for it, and Open to it?

In this evolutionary moment,

the most important catalyst of this shift is YOU!

If you are currently a member of the IOC Network CLICK HERE to learn more

Supporting Organizations Include:

In Heart-Centered Coherence, our impact is exponentially greater than the sum of our parts!

The Time is Now to Be the Change!

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