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Transforming Fear into Love

This morning I woke up with deep fear in my heart. This weekend a fire erupted very near the town in which my school and my husband's work are. I woke up in a very deep state of fear, fear of what would happen if the fire made its way to the town, fear for what my students are going through, fear of what the next week will bring, just fear pounding in my chest. So I did a meditation and centered myself working to come into heart coherence. I called in my spirit guides, angels, my ancestors, and the ancestors of all those being affected by the fires. I asked them to come to our aid for the highest good. At first, I felt many in the room with me, but then I asked if they would go to the fire, surround it in a circle, release it from its path, and help to put it out. In my mind's eye, I watched hundreds of guides, angels, and ancestors encircling the fire and helping to keep it contained. This is a similar practice to the ones I have done for another fire that is raging ~100 miles from my home and for the fires burning on the west coast. Though this morning my fear felt as though it was raging in my chest, almost restricting my breath. With patience and through my practice, I was able to find my center and work through some of the emotions that were coming up for me. After my practice, I fell back into a soft sleep. When I awoke there were mist and moisture in the air outside. A true blessing at a time like this.

This year has been trying for all of us in our own ways, from the pandemic to the systemic racial issues that are being brought to the light, to the political war that seems to be raging in the US, and now the fires that have been raging across the western states. While this is all current, these really are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hardships that we face as a planet. Though something I have been so deeply reminded of today is that this is the moment, this is the time in which is it more important than ever to keep our faith. To have trust that what is happening has a deeper purpose and we are all connected within it. This is the time for us to truly come together. To help where we can. To do all we can to be of service to our neighbors and fellow brothers and sisters. We can all do something. If you don't feel like you can do anything, I want to suggest beginning your own practice of heart coherence (you can find more about it here with this FREE course). Coming into heart coherence is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and others. Even if you do not believe that we are all connected by a unified field, coming into heart coherence calms your autonomic nervous system and stress response. Through this calming of your system, you will be more relaxed and more capable of taking on the challenges that arise, additionally coming into heart coherence will change the ways in which you interact with others and in effect the ways that they interact with you. It's simple, takes hardly any time, and is far more worth it than I can even explain with words, you just have to try it.

This is a short post today but I want you all to know I have so much love for all of you. I have so much love for all my brothers and sisters on this planet. I have so much love for all the life in the Universe and for our Mother Gaia. This is a temporary space in which we are all moving through, but what we do now really does define our future. So let us come together, come together in peace and harmony and be the change that we truly want to see in this world.

Peace, Love, and blessings.

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