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Sphere of Love - Guided Meditation

Embrace the Love from Within

Sphere of Love - Guided Meditation

Embrace a moment of planetary care and self-care by dropping into the divine love that emanates from deep within your sacred heart. This meditation begins with a moment of relaxation and attuning to the earth and cosmos. Then you are guided to meet the very essence of love that begins as something as small as a point particle deep within your heart. You are guided to continuously expand this particle to a sphere of love that surrounds you and your own body and then extends out to eventually hold and become one with the universe and worlds beyond our own.

Our collective care is essential at this time. As we embrace love, and let our breath and the beating of sacred heart fuel and magnify this love, we create a ripple effect that helps to shift the tides to a world where love is primary.

May we always remember the quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world." and be willing to participate in deep planetary change, by changing and loving ourselves.


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