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Shameless: 15 Women Share Their Story

Of Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Leading with Light

A powerful and engaging work of essays from 15 women who wrestled with hardship, trauma, body image, divorce, discrimination, and more. Women who rose above their circumstances took the message life gave them, and handed it back. They turned their shame into shamelessness and found the courage to be leaders of light, shining the truth on the path for us all. This book serves as a blueprint to help you understand how your failures can serve as momentum for a positive life.

Journey with the 15 women who turned their shame into shamelessness, and found the courage to be leaders of light, shining the truth on the path for us all. The world wants to tell you a story. It’s time to write your own. Contributing authors: Laura Flores, Jodi Anderson, Khadíjih Mitchell-Polka, Dr. Manal Fakhoury, Sydney Rafferty, Jacqueline Korpela, Lauren Debick, Katerina Mackenzie, Esmirna Caraballo, Dana Olmstead, Shereese Floyd, Connie Rose, Fannie Ocasio, Wendy Mestas, Jeanne Henningsen Edited by: Jodi Anderson Introduction by: Lisa Anderson

*All proceeds for this book are donated to Pace Center for Girls - Marion County, Florida

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Jul 21, 2022

More truthfully, these 15 women were courageous enough to 'Take a Stand' FOR themselves 'in the midst of others projecting shame' onto them. Sadly, people 'think' that if they 'make others not feel proud of themselves' they are 'actually encouraging the other' to 'grow more' to be 'more perfect.' That's how my Mom was with me. Always PROUD of me.... and, 'if only' this or that was done, I'd be 'MORE PERFECT.' Huge pressure!


😀 I have ordered my copy!

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Awesome! 🙂🤗💕

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