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Meditation Sessions This Week

Hello loves, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are in space and time. This week I will be hosting two meditation sessions and I would love to have you join the group in the field!

Read on for more details.

July Gratitude Meditation

Thursday, July 21st

9:00 am MDT

To check the time in your area you can use this Time & Clock Calculator

This session will consist of a 20-30 minute Gratitude meditation that will be broadcast live on my YouTube Channel and shared within the Living in Heart-Centered Gratitude Facebook Group and within my Island here on the Islands of Coherence. During this meditation, we are gifted the opportunity to drop into the felt sense and experience of total appreciation, thanks, and gratitude.


Friday Heart-Centered Meditation

Friday, July 22nd

12:00 pm MDT

To check the time in your area you can use this Time & Clock Calculator

The session this Friday will explore the theme of Emergence.

The Zoom room will open at 11:50 am MDT to provide time for community check-ins. This is an open time and space to simply chat and bring your voice into the space. The session will begin right around the hour and the meditation will last anywhere from 30-50 minutes.

May you feel the call and take a few moments for personal and planetary self-care.



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Peace & Blessings

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