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Karmic Warrior Podcast: Healing Your Relationship With Your Body

Find Freedom Within

Recently I met with Lisa Engles, from the Karmic Warrior Podcast to have a short discussion on how we can heal our relationship with our body through yoga and meditation. It was a wonderful discussion and I am grateful to have been able to share a piece of my story with such an inspiring woman that I have so much in common with! I hope you enjoy the episode!

About the Podcast Episode from Lisa: "As a high-performing runner and triathlete for over 20 years of my life, I suffered from body dysmorphia, due partly to the messages that I got as a teenager from my running coaches but also because of all the images I saw in magazines of pro-athletes and my constantly comparing myself to them. I know that this is a big problem in certain groups of athletes- dancers, gymnasts, runners, and triathletes in particular.

In this episode of the Karmic Warrior Podcast, I have an important conversation with a fellow colleague, meditation teacher, and intuitive mentor Khadíjih Mitchell Polka about our shared journeys as athletes and how we both discovered freedom from being overly identified with our bodies through yoga and our meditation practices."


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