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Join me in the Field

Each coherent heartbeat, each coherent breath, contributes to a collective symphony of love and healing that can transcend all else.

We find ourselves in an extraordinary period, pregnant with the promise of significant change. It's a juncture where we collectively hold the power to influence the course of transformation in our world. This is our moment, a pivotal intersection in history, where the manner and origin of our responses can have far-reaching effects. To contribute your heartfelt energy to this potent moment in time, we extend a warm invitation to join us for a Radiant Heart Meditation. This session is an opportunity for us to unite in a space of compassion, sending waves of love to resonate through the very heart of our planet. Within this shared experience, we aim to create a loving ripple that spans the globe, offering solace and restoration to those who are most in need.


Date: Thursday, November 2nd Time: 9 am PT

After Joining the Connection Field, Click My Events on the lefthand navigation bar for event details

Your presence holds the power to make a difference. Join us for this Radiant Heart Mediation and let's collectively pulse the planet with love and high vibrations.

For other meditation practices from me, Click Here and join my Island, Soul Journey.

With love and appreciation,

Khadíjih Mitchell #Meditation #Coherence #Breathe

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