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Intuitive Message & Divine Heart Guided Meditation

Tune In To Receive

Intuitive Message & Divine Heart - Guided Meditation

As part of this meditation session, we received the intuitive message of the Moon and the Direction Guardian. The Moon asks us to listen to our intuition and allow ourselves to be open to the guidance that is being sent to us by our guides. The Direction guardian asks us to use our intuition to wisely choose our path and stay firmly on it.

After a brief sharing of the message received, we move into a guided meditation intended to gift you with the space to dissolve into the divine heart; our one true heart. Throughout the meditation, you have the opportunity to drift off into a space of expansion, where you are invited to merge with the collective field and be present to the guidance that is available to you.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and would love for you to share any comments or reflections about your experience below.


This meditation was recorded live on June 17th, 2022 during a heart-centered session hosted by me (Khadíjih Mitchell-Polka). If you attend one of these live sessions, you may hear me say that they are a form of channeling or receiving intuitive guidance. The theme of Resonance helps to describe what I mean by this. I understand channeling to be-ing in a space of allowing; allowing divine guidance to flow and merging with the energies of love that are being invoked. Before each session, I attune with my heart and the divine heart and invite my star angels, guides, ancestors, wisdom keepers, and soul friends from beyond the veil to lead the way and offer the perfect experience for all those who are present and may later listen to the audio recording. These sessions are intended to offer each member (you, me, Gaia, and our guides) a moment of care, where we are all invited to drop into the collective field of love and receive the gift that is available to each of us.

I have found that the energy of these sessions is strongest when we are all together live or in a space of deep surrender. If you feel the call or maybe even just a gentle nudge, Click Here and add your heart and intention to the group field.


When we join together in this way we are helping to co-create a world healed by and held in love.

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