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I Take The Pressure Off Myself

Oh, how easy it is to get sucked back into the grind; to spend all this time doing; to keep going, even when our bodies are asking us to rest. It is so easy to pressure ourselves into feeling like we should BE More, DO More, LIVE More. To compare ourselves to others and feel guilt for not being "where we should be".

The more we give into these habits the more the pressure builds often adding to our overwhelming stress and anxiety. This compounding pressure ultimately only makes it more difficult to BE, DO, and LIVE. So, instead of living in the flow of life, we find ourselves in battle with our inner guidance creating more resistance as we unconsciously push back against our dreams.

So over the next few days, as the moon continues to disseminate and wane, how can you accept the invitation open at this time to let go just a little more? Where can you take the pressure off of yourself to be more than you are right now?

This is a powerful time to release all that is no longer serving us. A time to let go of the old and embrace the new. It is a time to honor the space we are in and know that wherever we are is perfectly okay and simply one step along the way on our personal path.

💙 May your heart rest in a space of renewal and love in the days ahead.

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