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I Embrace the Peace Within Me

In a moment of stress and perceived chaos, I pause and take a deep breath "Is this how I want to feel?" I ask myself.

In this moment I get to choose. I didn't always know I had a choice, but in this moment I do.

So I make the choice to take a step back and tune in to the subtle experience and flow of energy moving through my body. I can feel the anxiety pulsing on the outer edges of my skin.

I breathe a little deeper, pulling the fresh oxygen deep into my lungs and body. I close my eyes, traveling beneath the anxiety to find the still flow of the river of ease, comfort, and protection. I feel my deep breath moving through my body, calming my nervous system, relaxing my nerves, and relaxing my spirit.

I Embrace the Peace Within me to Find the Peace Outside of Me.

Except written upon reflection of a time once upon - Khadíjih Mitchell-Polka - Journey into the Soul

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11. maj 2022

Thank you for the tool / reminder!

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