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Heal Yourself, Heal Others

When we are willing to look at our darkness, meet our shadow, and do the work to heal from past pain and trauma, true change becomes possible. Not only does our world change but by having the courage to work on ourselves, we provide the space for those around us to do the same.

The healing journey is not easy and is like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. But every step we take into our body, searching for what needs to be healed, and willingly surrendering our need to hold on to the darkness any longer, brings us exponentially closer to freedom.

When we focus on our healing and move through this process of personal transformation, we then have tools to share that may just help another on their healing journey. Even still everyone's journey to healing is unique and we all must move down the path by our own choice, finding what works best for us.

Many may want to heal but do not know how. In my experience, the desire to heal is the starting point. The asking or praying to the Universe for help to heal is the first step. Then we must be willing to continuously become quiet in mind and still in body to hear the answers. Once we have an answer, we have to be brave enough to surrender our ego and identity to the process. When we are willing to ask for help, listen for guidance, and surrender to the process, healing not only becomes possible but inevitable.

So my dear friend, may you be the light, may you be love, may you be willing to do the work, and may you be a source of inspiration for others on their own journey.

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