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Fall in Love with Yourself

Love yourself enough to be willing to look within, embrace the stillness, and connect with the presence of love that abides within all things.

By loving ourselves intensely, deeply, and fully, we are able to reach into the deepest depths of our being, face our shadow, and truthfully see the barriers we have built against love. When we can tune into the love that we already are, we begin to release our blocks, break down the walls we have built against ourselves and the world around us, and realize that all things at the core are love. When we realize this, we can no longer harm or hurt another. We can no longer battle, belittle, slander, or think ill thoughts of another.

But it all starts with having the courage to love yourself enough to do the work. To surrender to the call from the infinite. To embrace the stillness. To be one with the love that you already are.

So my Dear friend, may you have the courage to face yourself, to embrace the love within you, to feel the love that you are, and to love yourself so deeply that all you find within is love for another.

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