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Bathed by the Desert Sky

Photo taken on a walking path near my mom's house in NM

This past week has been a time of deep inner reflection and contemplation. I am not yet sure how to articulate all that is emerging for me, though the following is what has come through in response to contemplation questions for our month on Emergence within the Islands of Coherence Virtual Retreat. I felt called to share this here as well.

What is Emerging?

A call to know my Self more deeply. Not the superficial version of me that life helped create and is seen at face value, but the essence of me, the energetic spirit of me that resides within my form.

A call for more solitude, silence, stillness, and time alone. More moments to be quiet with the flow and flux of nature around me.

A call to more deeply embrace no.thing.ness

A deeper bearing witness to the life I have weaved and lived. The subtle layers of self-image placed upon the Self from generations of conditioning and trauma. Some cycles stopped and cut short, while others linger beneath the surface, hiding in a different form, waiting to be witnessed and let go.

A releasing of the past, a dropping of perceived burdens, a surrendering of the story in the middle of the chapter, trusting that it need not be written by me, and instead will naturally unfold.

A transitionary pause. There is no path ahead of me, behind me, or to the side of me. There is nothing beyond this moment.

A desire to fully surrender and trust the unknown within each breath.

A deeper dive into the questions “who am I?” and "who do I want to be?" Not based upon life’s conditioning or opinion of me, but based on the life I choose in each moment.

Uncertainty. I am no longer who I was, not even who I was yesterday, nor who I will be tomorrow.

A breaking open, cracking open, coming apart of past, present, and future, trusting that whatever comes after this moment will be exactly what is meant for me.

Evolving, Changing, Transforming, Emerging.

Filled with a desire to do only that which brings me the most peace.

Photo taken at Sierra Vista Trail and Dispersed Camping Site in NM

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