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Meditation Challenge

Join both the February Challenge & March Journey for an Intimate Voyage Within

Stepping Into Stillness


An Introduction to Meditation: Daily Guided Meditations & Practices to Embrace Stillness and Moments of Inner Peace


February 21st-27th


While this journey is intended for anyone, this is certainly an offering for those who have never experienced the gift of meditation before. This is an opportunity to step into stillness and receive the nourishment of self-care.


Are you someone who:

  • Has been experiencing stress, anxiety, or overwhelm, and are calling for more peace, ease, and calm in your life?

  • Wants to find balance and flow but just don’t know where to start?

  • Is calling for change and are ready to do the inner work?

  • Has never meditated before: This is a beautiful opportunity to receive what can be a true gift.

  • Already meditates: This is an opportunity for those who have been meditating for any length of time to help hold the field and return to the simplicity of meditation.


If so then, this offering is for you!​


Each day of the challenge will include a Live Guided Meditation session with time for questions, answers, and discussions pertaining to the topic for the day and more generally meditation. Throughout the week, the time spent in meditation will increase slightly helping to train the body to be still for longer periods of time. For example, on the first day, the meditation will be ~ 8-12 minutes, and by the last day, the meditation will be ~ 20-23 minutes. If participants cannot attend live, the recording of the meditation will be shared after the session. Additionally, participants will receive a Daily Affirmation and Simple Daily Practice to fully anchor them into this experience.


To participate in this 7 Day Challenge 

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All Meditations, affirmations, and practices will be shared within the Journey into the Soul Island and FB Group. Only the audio meditation will be shared on the Journey into the Soul YouTube Channel


If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to

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