Meditation Group

Live Group Meditations

“Learn to enjoy the way as much as you would enjoy when you reach the destination.”

– Sakshi Chetana

Most Friday's: 11:00 am PT - 12:00 pm MT - 1:00 pm CT - 2:00 pm ET

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Join us as we meet most Fridays to connect in our hearts and bring coherence, love, and compassion into our lives and the world around us.


These sessions generally include a 30-50 minute meditation and the opportunity to receive nourishment through a few moments of self-care. Sessions start and end with check-ins, and a chance to bring the voices of the group into the field.

Third Thursday of Each Month

8:00 am PT - 9:00 am MT - 10:00 am CT - 11 am ET

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Join us in the collective field and receive nourishment from embracing the grace and love that gratitude can provide.  

These sessions consist of a 20-30 minute Gratitude meditation broadcast live on YouTube and shared within the Living in Heart-Centered Gratitude Facebook Group and My Island on the Islands of Coherence. The session will conclude after the meditation. 

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Experience the Power of Collective Connection