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 Heart-Centered Group Sessions 

Friday's: 11:00 am PST - 12:00 pm MST - 1:00 pm CST - 2:00 pm EST

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Join us as we meet most Fridays to connect in our hearts and bring coherence, love, and compassion into our own lives and to those around us.

  • Two-Three Fridays are a Coherence Hotspot which generally takes the form of a longer heart-centered guided meditation and the opportunity to stay in our hearts for an extended period of time. On occasion, there may also be short presentations and/or discussions on the science of the heart and integrating heart practices into our lives. I will be hosting a Coherence Hotspot on the following Fridays through 2021: December 3rd and December 10th.

  • One Friday a month, I host an Islands of Coherence Meditation and Breakout Room Session. This consists of a shorter guided meditation and extended time to connect with community members in a whole group setting as well as within breakout rooms. The remaining Islands of Coherence Meditation and Breakout Room Session that I will host in 2021 will be on November 19th, 2021, and December 17th.

  • All these sessions take place through the same Zoom line and are Free to attend. Simply register by clicking the link above. 

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Coherence Hotspot


When we are coherent in our hearts this helps us to shift our physical and mental state from one of anxiety, overwhelm, and fear to one of love. 

Through science, innate wisdom, community, and consciousness, we can make a critical shift on this planet – one that empowers us to create a harmonious, coherent relationship with the natural world, with our inner selves, and with each other. Every week, we are helping to lift global consciousness while creating personal, and global planetary health. The Coherence Hotspot global network is endorsed by the
HeartMath® Institute.

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Islands of Coherence Meditation and Breakout Rooms 


The Islands of Coherence Network 2.0 officially launched on Feb 27th, 2021. The Islands are a new Heart-Centered Social Network for anyone who is wanting to live a more heart-centered life and courageously choose love, freedom, radiant health, and well-being for themselves and others. In the Islands, there is direct access to various heart-centered events being put on by partner organizations (such as HeartMath Institute, The Gene Keys, Uplift Pulse, yours truly, and many more) as well as, space to bring in your authentic heart and connect with others around the globe who are working on living a more heart-centered and spiritual life. There is a small membership fee (for as little as $3.00 a month) to help sustain the network. Though there is also a scholarship membership that you can apply for if needed that will help waive the cost of the membership. You can join the Islands of Coherence by visiting the link below.

For prior Heart-Centered Coherence Hotspot, Islands of Coherence, or other meditations, click the button below.

Coherence Hotspot
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