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My name is Khadíjih (Kah-Dee-Jay) and I am dedicated to helping individuals find balance and harmony through meditation, cosmic guidance, and heart-centered living. My journey with intentional healing and growth began in my teens and was propelled by my early role as a mother. My diverse lived experience, educational background, and continued commitment to personal growth position me as a precious asset for individuals seeking to change the world, by first changing themselves.

I currently hold a Reiki Master Practitioner (Level I, II, & III) Certification; 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification; Meditation Teacher Certification; an Associate in Psychology; Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics; Master of Education Specialized in Education; Master of Arts in Curriculum Design Specialized in Physics Course Design & Instruction. 

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I'm always open to new and exciting aligned opportunities. Let's connect.

Khadíjih (Kah-Dee-Jay) Mitchell

Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Mentor

Journey into the Soul LLC

Connect in the Connection Field

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